lolifox is a Mozilla-based multi-tabbed anime-centric web browser
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lolifox is a Mozilla-based multi-tabbed web browser. lolifox is an anime-centric browser, based on Firefox 2.0.x. You can use it to browse web pages as you would with any other web browser, but it will offer you some extra features that you wouldn´t find anywhere else. This browser comes with some predefined bookmarks, which are also shown on the bookmarks toolbar. Those are the lolifox home page (temporarily closed till the next version comes out), latest headlines feeds, anime torrent sites feeds, and links to Hongfire (an anime network), DaTorrents and BoxTorrents (torrent sites dedicated mainly to spreading anime, hentai and manga material), AniDB (an anime database), ANN and AnimeNFO (sites that publish news related to the anime scene) and Antenna, a blog about anime. The default lolifox starting page is, which gives you access to seven search engines: the well known Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and the anime-specific DaTorrents, HongFire, Tokio Toshokan and AnimeSuki. You will also be able to manage your preferred search engines using the menu on the upper right side of this browser's window.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has all the advantages that were present in Firefox 2.x, with the addition of all those anime-related links


  • Being based on Firefox 2, it has become somewhat outdated
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